the balm!

I was vacationing in Maui, when my tall, blonde, lanky friend lying on the chaise next to me pulled a little pot of gloss out of her beach bag and began applying the stuff to her lips. The scent of roses wafted over, causing me to turn my head and take a look. On her lips it looked subtle: sheer, milky-pink, super-moisturizing…just perfect for the pool.

Since I couldn’t borrow her body, I borrowed her makeup instead.

Post-vacation, I decided to invest in my own a pot of Baume de Rose By Terry. I say “invested,” because this .35-ounce nugget will set you back $58. (Oops—did my husband just read this?) Granted, it lasted six months…but I have to admit that’s a high price to pay for vanity and moisturization. Nevertheless, I urge you to go to a store (i.e., Barneys) and dip your finger into a pot of this stuff. It’s seductive.

Then, when you’re agonizing over the price tag, you can take a look at a few similar products I found recently that won’t bleed you dry:

Christian Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm, SPF 10; $26,

Smith's Rosebud Salve; $6,

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve; $5.50,

As they say, Put your money where your mouth is. Just not too much money….

Now, confess, please: Would you spend $58 on your lips? (Collagen doesn’t count.)

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