tv talk: anti-aging skincare

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Okay, so here’s my motto:

Anything worth worth buying cheaper.

And that’s where this blog comes into the picture. I’ve been a national magazine writer and editor for more years than I care to admit. During that time, I’ve researched, written about, and played with the hottest, newest, trendiest things under the sun - from lipsticks to lampshades, denim to doorknobs (I'm not kidding... I actually had to write a story about vintage doorknobs). And while I know plenty of people who pay big bucks for the latest designer handbag, I actually get a bigger thrill out of finding really cool, obscure items for a song: a brilliant leather coat at Target, say, or a drugstore lipgloss straight from London.

So hang out with me here and we’ll go shopping together for the best beauty bargains, fashion finds, brilliant home décor and more.