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I’m a bit focused on bracelets these days. (Actually, I’m a LOT focused on bracelets these days.) And it all started when I saw a photo on a fashion blog showing a gal wearing an entire stack of jewelry on her wrist…a chunky watch, a few chains, some charm-y pieces, bangles, the works.  I would have thought it to be overkill…but it’s not. It’s just really chic.

Initially, I assumed that I’d just stumbled across a particularly creative fashionista; turns out, I may just be slow on the uptake. A little Googling here and there and I was soon viewing dozens of stacked-bracelet shots. Many of them are now proudly pinned to my Pinterest board. (Do not get me started on this latest craze. It’s a dangerous pastime. Very dangerous. Makes Facebook look like a fleeting fancy.)

So now I’m on a hunt to collect my own jangly jewelry. These are just some of my favorite picks. Brace yourself….

Anaya's Intricate Turquoise Beaded Stacking Bangle Set; $49.95; www.fantasyjewelrybox.com

Syria's Matte Gold Flower Cluster Stretch Bracelet, $39.95; www.fantasyjewelrybox.com

Black Rope Cuff, $52; www.baublebar.com

Floral Trio Hinge Bracelet, $10.80; www.forever21.com

Selia's Ribbon Wrapped Gold Chain Link Bracelet, $49.95; www.fantasyjewelrybox.com

Reyna's Pearl Accented Coral Reef & Starfish Gold Bracelet, $34.95; www.fantasyjewelrybox.com

Goldtone Green Enamel 3-strand Bracelet, $30.99; www.overstock.com

Alekta's Allure, $42; www.pinkpineapple.com

Tressa Silvertone CZ Turquoise Enamel Buckle Bracelet, $19.99; www.overstock.com

Rill Cove Treasure, $24, www.pinkpineapple.com

Sunset Bangle, $69; www.stelladot.com

Carrie Bangles Trio, $59; www.stelladot.com

Worth arming yourself, don’t you think?

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  • stacey stanford

    I’ve been acquiring my stack of sterling for the past 15 yrs or so, all silver, but try for different links and textures. Some people who don’t know my name at work, call me the bracelet girl, lol. My current wrist count is nine. Love it!

    May 5, 2012 at 11:42 pm