homework report card“Hillary is a fantastic writer, editor and savvy creative thinker. She is a subject matter expert on a range of lifestyle topics ranging from fashion and beauty to food and fitness…We worked successfully together on a digital editorial program for a fashion retailer that was years ahead of its time. She was great with teams, clients, and contributors alike…”‬‬‬‬‬
David Betz
VP of Storytelling at UP Global

“I’m in awe of her talent. What’s so great about her writing is that she never patronizes her readers and she avoids the clichés that plague traditional lifestyle / fashion writing. I find her work consistently fun and original in a way that connects me to whatever she is writing about. Do yourself a favor: read her clips and her blog and then hire her asap.‬”
Alex Gramling
CMO for W3 Companies

“Over the years, I have assigned Hillary everything from parenting to self-help to dating to beauty features…She’s a seasoned reporter, lively writer and a true professional — completely dependable — with a deep knowledge of women’s/lifestyle topics.”
Janet Siroto
Managing Director at BrainReserve; former executive editor Good Housekeeping

“Hillary is one of the most talented writers I know. She understands the needs of the client/project–ALWAYS. She can write in multiple voices to ensure the content is on point, juggles numerous projects at a time, has amazing follow-up, and delivers top-notch work again and again. We’re so lucky to work with her.”
Valerie Robinett
Senior Director Digital Marketing/Communications, Joico

Gold Star“When we first launched, we struggled to develop our voice on the site. We needed someone who could help us create the style and tone – someone who could find the voice of all cooks, and not professional foodies. We turned to Hillary, and she helped us craft the first set of documents that identified the brand. The results speak for themselves: is the #1 food website in the world.”
David Quinn
Co-founder and Chairman, 

“I call Hillary Quinn, “Master of Words.” Her creative and clever writing style is matched by her desire to not only please her client, but to make sure it’s “right” for the tone of the brand and how it will connect with the consumer audience. She’s a total delight to work with.”
Amy Buckalter
CEO Toaster Labs, Inc.

“…Last night I got a chance to read the January, 2009 Cosmo, and there it was. I couldn’t believe it. A story entitled, “I Married a Cute Girl.” A real-life lesbian love story. Not only was I shocked that it was in the edition of Cosmo, but I was surprised that the writers at Cosmo treated the lesbian love story like any other love story that they would publish….Pick up the magazine and read the story for yourselves…And to Cosmo magazine, Kudos!!!”
Ellen DeGeneres
host of NBC’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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