Hillary Quinn

Meet Hillary…

As an experienced editorial leader, strategist, and content creator specializing in beauty and lifestyle, Hillary has deep multimedia experience across digital, e-commerce, marketing, video, and print channels.

She’s a nationally known beauty expert, with a solid reputation for crafting beautifully-packaged, accessible, playful copy to delight readers, while driving engagement, increasing sales, and impacting consumer behavior. Hillary prides herself on being a collaborative and enthusiastic spin doctor, who easily pivots to a variety of voices and celebrates imaginative storytelling and high-quality, pristine content. Whether she’s selling users on the virtues of an everyday cotton ball, or singing the virtues of a highly pigmented, glam eyeshadow palette, she approaches each writing task with the same excitement and value.

When she’s not on her laptop, you can find Hillary on her skis, lost in her cookbook collection, thrifting interior design treasures, or decorating buttercream cakes. The mother of two amazing and driven kids, she lives in Poulsbo, WA–a hop, skip, and a jump from Seattle, and only one click away from the other city in her heart…New York.

True Confessions…
Hillary as a child

Me… age 2 photo by Peggy Barnett
First beauty product I ever played with:

Mom’s Dippity Do.

Biggest source of childhood pride:

Hitchhiking home from preschool at age 4.

First magazine addiction:

Barbie Talk.

Where my affair with pink lipgloss started:

Bonne Bell Lipsmackers.

True tale I tell at parties:

The time I was peed on by a tiger at the Zurich Zoo.

My motto:

Lipstick shouldn’t just make you look good, it should make you feel good.

Favorite engagement story:

Mine. On an airplane. Involving a loudspeaker and a flight attendant.

Best way to meet a husband:

Get set up on a blind date with Jon Cryer. Yes, that Jon Cryer.

Moment of gumption:

Sixteen-year-old me asking Seventeen magazine for a tour of the office.

First job:

Woolworth’s lunch counter.

Worst job:

Woolworth’s lunch counter.

Sucker for:

Good food, planning parties, cake decorating, the mountains, airline tickets, holidays, nostalgia, fresh powder snow, makeup hauls, tracking down childhood toys on eBay, Hostess Sno Balls, my family, and friends.