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Words should be simple, but compelling…


Know what you want to say, but not sure how to say it? Need to transform an idea into an article, blog post, or advertorial copy?

Looking for engaging, compelling, original, lively, curated content? That’s my specialty…and my passion.


Few things lose readers as fast as sloppy, uninspired writing and grammatical blunders, and that’s where a good editor becomes your best friend. It’s my job to polish your words and ideas so they shine right off the page.

brand voice

Brand-voice Creation

From playful to serious, I craft a content-rich website that sings “you” from the moment someone lands on your home page. I’ll then tie that voice into any and all communication—including eblasts, company manuals, consumer articles, marketing materials, video scripts, and even product descriptions.  With quick turnaround, I create search-friendly, well-crafted writing that sends your message and gets attention. Check out a few of the websites featuring my writing…


Blog posting lets you interact with your community, your customers, and site visitors, creating a relationship and rapport that keeps them coming back for more, while giving readers a more personal, tantalizing peek into your world. Here’s an archive of my own Bargain Shopping blog…


TV & Radio Appearances

Got a product you’re eager to promote, but not comfortable going in front of the camera? Looking for a lifestyle expert who can explain the importance of a sulfate-free shampoo, buffet-table riser, and a Kate Spade wallet…in a single segment? Talking about things I love (or things I’m told to love) comes easily to me–especially when there’s an audience to engage.

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Lipstick, shoes, toasters, luggage, even appetizers…I’ve sung the praises of hundreds (probably thousands) of products over the years. I do it in a voice that dovetails with the brand. And always with the same goal: to drive click-through to content and sale.

product description
social media

Social Media

Regularly updating your social media sites helps broaden your reach and draw in scores of new readers, customers, and clients. But doing so in a witty, informative way that results in “sticky eyeballs” takes time and talent. With catchy tweets, lively Facebook postings, and Instagram captions that, well, capture, I help create and build a loyal online community.