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i will never drop anchor

When I went through sorority rush (“You mean,” as my daughter would say, “When the dinosaurs roamed the earth?”), I ended up pledging Delta Gama. There were several reasons for this choice: 1)      I liked the girls. 2)      I wanted to live in their big, white, Colonial mansion. 3)   ...

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i’m a basket case

Ever since I wrote the pantry post last week, friends and readers have been sending me requests for help with their out-of-control kitchen stockpiles. (Seriously, I was offered a plane ticket by one, a cup of coffee by another.) Please note: It will take more than...

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pantry fetish

I will admit, I have one. The pantry of my dreams. Or maybe this one. To be more specific: I have a clean-pantry fetish. My sister-in-law will attest to my fixation, because—on one extended trip to her house in Boston—I basically took apart the contents of her entire kitchen,...

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