i will never drop anchor

When I went through sorority rush (“You mean,” as my daughter would say, “When the dinosaurs roamed the earth?”), I ended up pledging Delta Gama.

There were several reasons for this choice:

1)      I liked the girls.

2)      I wanted to live in their big, white, Colonial mansion.

3)    The girls seemed to like me. (Always good to feel welcome when you’re about to have 112 female roommates.)

But perhaps most influential was the fact that their logo was an anchor, and I was/am/will always be… a sucker for anything nautical.

To wit:

My favorite high-school boyfriend was–and still is–a boat fiend. (I mean, he’s still a boat fiend; not still my boyfriend.)

One of my all-time favorite movies is Something’s Gotta Give—set in the Hamptons and styled to perfection.

I designed the interior of my home after the look of this movie set. Imagine my euphoria when a friend told me my house reminded her "of that Diane Keaton film."

My favorite coat is a yellow-and-navy sailing slicker that I bought in Newport one summer. (And Newport is as nautical as you can get.)

Newport, RI....

Beach houses are my idea of heaven.

I’ll take a lobster roll and a lime-y gin-and-tonic over a burger and beer any day.

Nothing is as fabulous and enduring as wearing navy and white on a warm, spring day.

Winging its way to me via Fedex as I speak: the Zigi Soho Khloe Striped Sandal; $79.95, www.dsw.com

Coral Rope Cuff; $52, www.baublebar.com

St. John's Bay floral Print Peasant top in Navy; $20, www.jcp.com

Kelly & Katie Straw Clutch; $29.95, www.dsw.com

Now, happily in my closet: the Jones Wear Solid Tape Trim Skirt; $37, www.jcp.com

At $98, I thought it to be highway robbery, but now that it's 50% off, I'm reconsidering: Kardashian Kollection Rope Halter Maxi Dress; $48.99, www.sears.com

Betsey Johnson Yacht Club bracelet; $50, www.zappos.com

Kids' Stripe Rainboot; $16, www.joefresh.com

Couldn't help myself, but I did...to the BP Contrast Trim Jacket; $58, www.nordstrom.com

Oops...did I mention I bought it in white as well?

For the nautical newborn; $6, www.joefresh.com

Men's Marine Sweater; $39, www.joefresh.com

Doppelganger for Kate Middleton's LK Bennett wedge...lower in price and lower in height: Franco Sarto Year Wedge; $89.95, www.nordstrom.com

Marmellata Kids Nautical Striped Dress; $36.40, www.macys.com

Striped scarf; $14, www.joefresh.com

What goes around comes around: Anna & Avy Navy Rope Necklace; $28, www.dillards.com

They say Nautical is back in style this year.

Yeah, right. Like it ever left…..

It’s my go-to look season after season. Yours, too?

  • Love all of these – nautical is the best 🙂

    April 10, 2012 at 9:23 am