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Her eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.” I’ve always loved that line. My eyes still light up in old-fashioned candy stores; but the sparkle is probably just as much about the beautiful apothecary jars standing in profusion on the shelves, as it is for the sweets contained within.

Kids in a candy store; Willy Wonka circa 1971.

I’m in the middle of madly planning a huge, special event at the end of the summer, during which guests will enjoy a lavish candy buffet served from a growing collection of these fabulous jars. They are currently crowding out the soup cans in my pantry, as I’ve been collecting various shapes and sizes for a year now–grabbing them off the shelves of Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx whenever I see a steal.

While the jars are fabulous for showing off candy, most people tend to avoid going all Willy Wonka in their homes, as it leads to things like diabetes and dental bills. Apothecary jars, however, are equally attractive in the bathroom, storing cotton balls, soap collections, and seashells. I’ve even seen them at work in fancy laundry rooms. And while I am envious of the person who is organized enough to decorate their laundry room, mine (sadly) is simply decorated with laundry.   

Crate and Barrel's Delfina jar; $62.95

ZGallerie's Montebello jar; $44.95

Large apothecary jar; $19.99 at

Or, 3 for $49.99;

Gorgeous in the bathroom: $49 at West Elm

Cheaper in the bathroom; $19.99 at

Three washers, apothecary jars, and a folding table--she says, wistfully...and enviously.

I’m forever trying to figure out the best use for these jars. One time, I ordered 40 packs of retro Black Jack gum to fill up an apothecary jar in my kitchen. (Couldn’t help myself–the black and turquoise wrappers were perfect.) But people kept asking me why I liked stale black-licorice gum. How about you? Do you keep apothecary jars in your home?  (Or stale gum?)

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