have a seat


I have an aqua fetish. Anyone who has been in my home can attest to this.

A peek at my aqua dining room (far left), aqua painting, aqua coasters, aqua glass fishing ball....

...and the aqua music room, aqua photo frame...need I go on?

Clearly I surround myself with this soothing shade at home, but the cool, watery color manages to grab me every time I’m in a store…doesn’t matter if I’m looking at dresses or dining chairs. So now I actually have a theory that we gravitate toward colors that make us look good, and aqua is flattering every time I try it on. Which, by my logic, means I look good sitting on it, too. (And so, apparently, does Pee-wee.)

I saw this incredible, upholstered aqua chair in Z Gallerie when I was in Vegas a few weeks ago. (I’d like to say I saw it at Z Gallerie in Seattle, but sadly, they closed their doors here a few years ago. I don’t know why, as I thought I was keeping them in business.) I wondered if I could possibly squeeze the chair into my already aqua-filled and furnished home; but with a price tag marked $500, there was little justification for the spontaneous purchase.

Z Gallerie's Sumba Ikat chair; $499

So that realization led me—as many high price tags do—to take a peek at www.target.com, where I found an equally cool, aqua chair for $300. Next thing you know, I was searching “upholstered” chairs all over the internet—not just aqua, but brilliant prints and patterns in every shade imaginable. So, have a seat…and I’ll show them to you.

Gerber Surf chair; $299, www.target.com

And even cheaper (!): the Skyline Gerber Surf chair; $249, www.csn.com

And that's where I also found the New England Lace Aqua chair for $354; www.csn.com

But get this: Target has an almost identical version called the Queen Anne's Lace Upholstered chair...and sells it for only $299.

Now thoroughly obsessed with chairs, I find this novel-looking Tea Harbor Nail Button Armless chair; $399.99, www.target.com.


But something about that fabric looked familiar...that's because it's on the Ceyland Tufted Back dining chair; only $179, www.homedecorators.com.

And these I just had to show you….

The Gerber Slipper chair...but in Cherry; $299, www.target.com

The Lilith Slipper chair in Marigold; $299.99, www.target.com

The Bethesda Upholstered chair in Candy Cane; $299.99, www.target.com

Geez.  I need to sit down now. How about you? What’s your biggest furniture fetish…the thing you keep buying over and over?

  • Maureen Lico

    Z Gallerie opened up again at Redmonds Town Center about 2 months ago. Loving it! Already bought 2 things from there and could have bought more.

    May 3, 2011 at 7:12 am
  • Hillary

    A friend of mine from Bellevue told me the same thing yesterday on Facebook. Great news! (Though to me, Redmond is something akin to Vegas in terms of distance!)

    May 3, 2011 at 10:20 am