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Something about summer makes me want to sip a Bellini cocktail in the garden. Ever had one? They’re delicious.

A refreshing combo of Prosecco and white-peach puree, the Bellini was created in 1948 by a gentleman named Guiseppe Cipriani. Yes, that Cipriani—as in owner of the world-famous restaurants and bars. (Bellini was not the name of his wife or kid; but rather, a 15th–century Venetian painter, whom, one might assume, liked peaches.)

Regardless, the cocktail became hugely popular, and is still being quaffed around the world today; especially at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Cipriani’s first watering hole. Made properly, the glass (always, a humble highball), as well as the bubbly, and the puree will be ice-cold. It will not contain a drop of peach schnapps.

My family tried the real McCoy about five years ago in Venice. Personally, I loved the drink.

The Quinn's at Harry's Bar.....

My son? Not so much….

Do you want to know why I’ve had Bellini on the brain this week? Because it’s the color name of my new, most-favorite lipgloss. (Bait-and-switch. You thought I was going to talk about cheap barware, didn’t you?)

The gloss is Revlon’s ColorBurst in Bellini, the most perfect shade of pale peach…a little translucent, a little milky, not an ounce of shimmer. Even better, it goes on with a sponge-tip wand that is—oddly—shaped to contour to your lips in a really foolproof way. It does not, as many glosses do, smell like cotton candy; nor does it catch my hair on a windy day. It costs $7 and change. (Significantly less than the cocktail in Venice.)

Cheers, Revlon! I’ll have another….

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