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A rainbow of shadow shades--for $29.95.

Confession is good for the soul….

My name is Hillary and I’m a makeup junkie. I remember buying my first eye shadow (purple, powder, Aziza, age 12) and coveting it like some forbidden fruit. (It should have been forbidden—purple’s not a good color on me.) Then there was Miss. Freedman’s 7-th grade English class, where I was busted for hauling my stash to class and trading cosmetics with a fellow addict while Miss. Freedman was discussing To Kill a Mockingbird. (Got an A+ in the class; but lost out on “behavior” points.)

The product that started the problem.

It’s 30+ years later, and I haven’t been able to kick the habit, as my husband will attest when he caught a glimpse of my latest storage container in the bathroom the other day. (I believe the exact line was, “Got enough makeup?”). But I digress….If you love color and choices, yet despise paying up to $50 for a single eye shadow compact, then bh cosmetics ( will blow your makeup mind.  This online source specializes in palettes of 120 different shades of shadow for the obscenely low price of $29.95. Choose from a number of color collections–bright, matte, shimmer, tropical, neutral (did you know there are at least a dozen different shades of cream?)—as well as equally well-stocked trays of lip color. For a gal like me, there just aren’t enough words.

My much-ridiculed makeup case; available at


I'm not "neutral" about these shadows.


I realize I’m probably feeding the disease. But what’s a makeup junkie to do?   

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