pillow talk

There’s a scene I love in the movie Along Came Polly (actually, there are about 40 scenes I love in Along Came Polly, thank you Philip Seymour Hoffman), but the one I’m talking about is when Reuben and Polly debate the validity of decorative bed pillows.  It ends rather violently, with Reuben taking out his anger at his ex-wife with a knife ripping into 12 fluffy squares of innocent goose down.


But I have to side with the pillows here, because they add an unparalleled dose of chic to any decorating scheme. And on a bargain-hunting note, consider the fact that you can buy relatively neutral couches and bedding that will last you for years…but change things up inexpensively by swapping out the pillows on occasion.

Loving these….

Pieni Unikko pillow by Marimekko; $41, www.crateandbarrel.com

Jiti pillow; $32.99, www.overstock.com

Adeline pillow; $19, www.homedecorators.com

City Hand-Hooked pillow; $39, www.homedecorators.com

Anchor pillow; $39.99, www.zgallerie.com

Newport Lansbury pillow; $28, www.dillards.com

Swirl cushion cover; $14.19, www.overstock.com

Postmarked pillow; $39, www.homedecorators.com

Bloom pillow in Aubergine; $49.89, www.zgallerie.com

Like a great handbag or a new pair of shoes when your jeans are too tight, pillows are always the perfect pick-me-up. Anyone want to fight me on this?

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  • Maia P.

    Did my mom tell you about the awesome pillow she found? Search “Dwell studio pillow” on Target.com and it’s the second result……. pretty cool for $20!

    July 28, 2011 at 4:39 pm