spin doctor

For years, whenever my kids would utter the words, “But that’s not faaair!” my husband always responded with, “Life isn’t fair.” Let me tell you how not fair it is….

This is my daughter’s hair:

(photo by my very talented photographer-aunt, Peggy Barnett!)


And this is my hair. (No, not my friend, Jon, Cryer, getting his Hollywood star…I’m talking about the gal on the left with her back turned to the camera–yes, that’s me–on a bad hair day. And thank you so much, Perez Hilton.):


See the problem?


But thanks to Margie, my in-the-know Hollywood friend, I’ve fallen in love with a hair tool that works for both my daughter’s mane and my fairy dust.  I realize that’s hard to fathom, given the fact that I could probably secure my ponytail with a piece of dental floss, but it’s true. The $6 object of my desire is Goody’s Spin Pin (available at www.drugstore.com). Honestly, this simple coil looks like a doorstop that some kid stretched when the parents weren’t watching, and it works much the same way a corkscrew does when you twist it into your wine bottle: You pull whatever hair you happen to have (or not have) into a bun of some sort, then screw the spin pin into it, whereby it magically grabs your locks, disappears, and keeps hair secure until you unscrew the thing at the end of the day. My daughter uses two at a time…I could probably get away with half a spin pin.

The hidden Spin Pin, nestled in an updo....

Those with super-thick hair might also want to try the larger “Bun Spiral” ($8); works similarly, but fits over the chignon and then twists into it from the outside.

Spin Pins are available in drugstores nationwide, and they’ve been around for a couple of years. Why I just heard about them is beyond me. But from the bottom of my heart (to the hair on my head), thank you, Margie.

Has anyone else tried them? Do you love them? Hate them? Use them as doorstops?


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  • MaryEllen

    YES ! do you realize how I twist my thick hair into some horrible formation, hoping no one notices i can’t create a bun, and praying it won’t fall out while I’m at work?? I’m going shopping for these this weekend.. LOVE the tip !

    September 23, 2011 at 12:23 pm