the real deal

Despite my antenna for bargains, there are a few items that routinely cause me to throw caution (and sanity) to the wind. I am not the least bit apologetic when I put these babies in my shopping bag….

* A great, big bottle of Jo Malone cologne (the 3.4-ounce size, $110). Preferably: Orange Blossom; White Jasmine and Mint; Nutmeg and Ginger; or Grapefruit. A collection of these heady bottles is like being greeted by your very own delicious fruit salad each morning

* Those to-die-for, crunchy, juicy, oversize green grapes that my local grocery store has been selling of late, shamefully priced at $5.99-a-pound. A whopping $16 later, a big bag is in my cart. 24 hours later, they are history.

* Jeans that fit. (Read: Your thighs and booty look smaller.) There are few styles that deliver this service, save for Mek’s Oaxaca Bootcut Jeans. For these, I will gladly walk on coals and put $138 on my Amex card. They are a bit distressed; but I am more distressed when I can’t find them.

* Great chocolate. Preferably with nuts. Preferably See’s. Those who read this blog regularly already know about this fixation. Some readers have actually bought boxes of See’s chocolate for me. This is perfectly fine.

* A really beautiful Dior eyeshadow palette. The colors are unparalleled…the compact is a work of art. The price tag is something like $60.

* Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner. The stuff retails for $150; I buy it cheaper online…it’s worth every penny.

I am still waiting for Kohl’s to carry the grapes. Or for someone to sell them on eBay.

What are YOU willing to pay more for? The things that make you say, “To hell with the price tag….”

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