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I love the Fourth of July….the fireworks, patriotic colors, flag cakes, lime-y margaritas, and the grill sizzling with juicy steaks. I’m not particularly fond of all the hokey plastic and paper goods you can buy at the grocery store to spiff up the occasion, nor the pre-made burgers and brats. Last year, I put an upscale spin on this down-to-earth holiday by serving shrimp remoulade with big hunks of warm French bread, followed by a home-baked cake that made me look absolutely genius—but only because I followed the clever recipe to a T.



...and after.

If you’re also of the mindset that the flatware needn’t be disposable, and the napkins are better in cloth, then take a peek at these subtly patriotic finds. They won’t break the bank…and they’re not SO July 4th that you couldn’t possibly use them during the rest of the year.

Grand old flag napkins at a not-so-grand price; $25,

Napkins of a cheaper stripe; $5.98 per pair;


Flatware caddy; $13.49,

Seeing red again; caddy $10.99,

Rosanne Pearlized flatware in Red Napolean; $70 per place setting. Not.

"Laura" setting; $49.99,

Hampton Forge Stella; $27.99 per 17-piece set,

"Fiesta" collection; $12.99 per 5-piece place setting,

Eleni's "Americana" cupcakes: $36 per half dozen. Not kidding.

Betty Crocker golden cake mix; $1

White frosting; another dollar.

Makes 24 cupcakes. Decorate with red, white, and blue sprinkles and you can call them “Americana.”

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