crochet: i’m hooked

Until recently, my association with crochet was limited to a certain wool scarf I tried to make in Fifth grade; as it grew longer, it also became narrower and narrower, which resulted in me abandoning the project in a fit of frustration.  

 I am not frustrated with the recent return to crochet in the fashion scene; it’s Boho, to be sure, but it no longer calls to mind Marcia Brady’s embroidered tops….

Milly Lace Kauai Coverup from Bergdorf Goodman: $295

Milly Mykonos Coverup from Saks Fifth Avenue; $199.50 (on sale, no less!)

a.n.a. coverup; $19.95,

Crochet-back tank; $48,

a.n.a. crochet-back tank; $19.99,

Kimono-style dress; $49.99,

Blouse-version from Antthony Color of Summer; $36.90,

Best of both worlds: Love Reign dress; $29.40,

Or just the top; $17.99,

Have you woven this trend into your wardrobe yet? (And, if not, did you wear it back THEN?) Do tell….

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