announcing our winner!

Thanks so much to all my Bargain Hunter readers and Jane Porter fans for entering our holiday-basket contest. We received a ton of entries, and randomly chose our winners by number. Jane’s lucky person will be posted on her own site,

As for mine, it’s–drumroll please!–SONJA SWEETEN of Hurricane, Utah.

Sonja vacationing in Tahoe....


Sonja, who works seasonally as a guide in Zion National Park, is an avid reader and a self-admitted “beauty enthusiast.” “My life is very simple. I have to wear a uniform to work and don’t get much of a chance to glam up,” explains this outdoorsy gal. “But hair and makeup allow me to have fun and express myself; I love to experiment with new products!”

Sonja will be receiving a basket of beauty goodies and four of Jane’s hottest novels. Her reaction? “OMG!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it! But I always say, you don’t win unless you try!” How right she is!

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