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The $875 pricetag on these Louboutin sandals ruffles my feathers.

Not long ago, I was in Las Vegas for a girls’ weekend…which automatically became a girls’ shopping trip (just fine with me)…which then morphed into a girls’-shopping-trip-to-really-expensive-stores-that-I-had-no-interest-in. Couple of reasons: First, I don’t need to fly to Vegas to find Louis Vuitton or Gucci. (In fact, I always wonder why people go to, say, Maui, and end up shopping at Gucci when they’ve got the same damn store back home.)

Second: I get no thrill—literally, none—from looking at $1,000 shoes. I’ve worked in the fashion-magazine business for years now, and I still can’t understand the big whoop about a pair of Jimmy Choos, Manolos, or Christian Louboutins.  Yes, I get that they’re beautifully made—but so are other shoes, for a quarter of the price.

Which brings me back to Vegas. I followed my gorgeous, well-dressed girlfriends into the Louboutin boutique, where I sat down on a red-velvet, tufted ottoman and watched them try on their selections, all the while experiencing not an ounce of longing or jealousy. I then made THEM sit down in Dillard’s department store, where I tried on Calvin Klein sandals, seven pairs of Mek jeans, and a top from Sky–the company that makes those jewelry-encrusted party pieces. I bought almost everything I tried on…and still didn’t touch the Louboutin price tag. In fact, I got the better end of the deal all around, as I do not believe the seating at Dillards involved ottomans—tufted or otherwise.

Our post-shopping celebration. (I'm wearing the white Sky top from Dillards!)

I mention all this to explain why I’m so excited about the selection of the gorgeous holiday-party shoes I’ve found here. To me, they are every bit as delicious as a pair of Louboutins…and perhaps even more so, because not a single one tops $100.

You won't hear a peep from me about the cost of these $89.99 satin pumps from Nine West.

Aldo's Laforest, $80: a well-heeled look without the expense.

I'm neva gonna feel bad about buying Nina's "Neva" pump--$79.96 at www.zappos.com

Reply "yes" to RSVP's "Parma" sandal from Zappos; $95

I know full well that I probably won’t wear any of these babies more than dozen times. But I’ll enjoy every minute of them—a minute that, by my calculations, comes out to about three cents. Really now, can you beat that price?

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  • Mary Matthews

    Beautiful pumps! The first pair is my favorite. And I love your idea of cost per minute of wear!

    November 29, 2010 at 2:06 am