bag this vacation style

Am I in love with this bag? Or the vacation it represents?

Today is the last day of summer. Perhaps I’m in a relentless state of denial, but I always find myself on the lookout for warm-weather clearance goods at this time of year. (It may also be a kneejerk reaction to the time I ran all over town in December looking for a swimsuit for my daughter to take on a Hawaiian vacation. Nada. Zip. Even in the major department stores. I ended up purchasing a girls’ Speedo online for $60—absurd, right?)

There’s a large plastic bin in my closet in which I store summery clothes and accessories that only make a two-month appearance in my world. If I had my druthers, sitting in it would also be a Louis Vuitton Cruise Bulles MM bag—but at over $2,000 a pop, that’s never going to happen. Come to think of it, I could actually go on a cruise for $2,000…and if I did, could bring with me the fun, nautical tote, below, from one of my favorite online retailers, This website isn’t fancy and the clothes aren’t couture, but they have brilliant buyers who seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the trends—and I find knockoffs and novelty fashion at the most affordable prices.

Rope-Laced Striped Canvas Tote Bag--on sale now for $34.

I’m quite confident that with its classic, Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger/Nautica appeal, this little tote will be perfectly chic next summer. And if, by chance, it isn’t…then I’ve only spent $34. What about you? Do you ever buy clearance and save for later?

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