i’m seeing red…

Ralph Lauren's "Red Pagoda"--quite the dish.

Plates, that is. All over town…and I really like the look, because they add some desperately needed color to the gray drizzle that has now settled over Seattle. (What, you say? You live in one of those picture-postcard cities where the leaves are crimson and the air crisp and dry? You’ll like the plates anyway—even if you don’t deserve them as much as us Pacific Northwesterners.)

Before you balk at the thought of buying a set of dishes with pattern, consider the notion that these gems could actually serve you well year- round. I’m thinking of going with red and white for Thanksgiving this year (honestly, so bored with the annual house-of-harvest look); for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, they’re a no-brainer; and come next July, can you think of a more perfect act of independence from paper plates? As with everything, red dinnerware is available at a buffet of price points.  

You’ll find (or bypass) at the high end…

  •  “Red “Pagoda at $50 a plate, thanks to Mr.Lauren.

A great selection in the medium range…

  • Martha’s “Chelsea” at www.macys.com–about $9 a plate.
  • Corelle “Impressions Red Paisley” at www.overstock.com–$80 for a full service for 4.
  • “Carmine Blossom” at www.target.com–16-piece set for $60.

And happily, plenty on the steals-and-deals shelf…

  • T.J. Maxx–$4 a plate.
  • Plates, bowls, and mugs at the  Dollar Store—price, self-explanatory).


Martha Stewart's "Chelsea" collection.


Corelle doesn't break...the bank.


"Carmine Blossom" is right on target.


A red-hot dinner deal at T.J. Maxx

The $1 way to round out your meal.


...with mugs to match!

Honestly, if $12 for a dozen dinner plates isn’t something to dish about, I don’t know what is.  So tell me…what’s on your table these days?



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