charmed, i’m sure

I’ve always loved the idea of meaningful charm bracelets. My friend, Laurie, has one decorated with lovely gold baubles, each one purchased by her husband in every vacation spot they’ve visited together–a sentimental record of  life’s journey.

My daughter has one, too. Not so much a sentimental record, though: more of a big-time consolation prize for having to stay home with Dad while Mom flew Big Brother to NYC to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade a couple of years ago. Said purchase took place at Tiffany. I’m uncertain if breakfast was included, but I believe it should have been, given that the bracelet was $150 before the addition of a $100 heart-shaped charm. Going forward, however, I’ve persuaded Dad to check out the equally charming goodies at – a mega-sized, online source for fine, affordable jewelry…including an impressive selection of  sterling-silver charms ($30-$50) that rival those presented in the famous blue boxes. (Anyway, they have “blue” in their name…and that’s something to consider.) 

Audrey Hepburn beweled in the A.M.

Adam, parading in the A.M.

Tiffany silver heart charm; $100 silver heart charm; $40

Blue Box

Blue Name

The parade is now a distant memory (actually, it’s enshrined on the DVR in the family room), but the charm bracelet is the gift that keeps on giving. As Dad will surely attest.

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