in the red

In case you haven’t consulted your calendar of late (“late” being the operative word), it’s February 12th…which means February 14th is just two days away. So is the conventional purchase of marked-up-just-for-the-holiday red roses. (Note: Though it may seem economically tempting to do so, it’s not cool to buy them on Tuesday, no matter how drastically the price plummets.)

Figuring that there’s got to be a rosier way to spend money on your honey, I searched for a few alternatives that a) fall into the $50-and-under range, and b) can be procured, for the most part,  by jumping into your car “to run a quick errand.”

Red-velvet cupcakes; about $3 per treat (or $18 for six!).

Cristalino Cava Brut--a sparkling Spanish wine that's fruity, crisp, clean, and utterly delish. Oh, and under $10 a bottle.

And six elegant flutes from which to drink it; $24.99 at Target.

For her: Jo Malone Red Roses cologne, with hints of lemon and violet. $55 for 30 ml at Nordstrom.

For him: Gendarme Cologne--clean, crisp, fresh, sexy, and affordable. $51.49 at Walgreens.

See's Candies--chocolate heaven in a box. $15-$20 per pound. Available in 13 states, and worth a plane flight.

Chocolates, wine, perfume–it’s all good. But just so we’re clear: I wouldn’t actually MIND if someone gave me real roses for Valentine’s Day.  What about you? Tell us  about your most memorable Valentine’s Day gift thus far….

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  • Denise

    The best Valentines gift I received was about 13 years ago…a copy machine… I know, I know…. But he gave it to me because I was constantly having to run to Kinkos, and he thought I would love it. AND I DID! No, i wouldnt have loved any other “appliance” or electronic…But that copy machine rocked, and it lasted much longer than roses..

    February 12, 2011 at 4:07 pm