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I think Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, would have a field day examining the force with which Kate Middleton’s fashion habits have been shaping the world since November 16, 2010, the day the Palace formally announced the royal engagement.  It’s become a forgone conclusion that anything Kate wears in public will a) fly off store shelves and become extinct within 48 hours and b) be knocked off by everyone and their mother so the rest of us can get in on the trend.

I am thankful for B, because no one should have to spend more than $30 for a pair of orange pants that really only flatters about three percent of the population’s backsides.

And yet, just like my bright-yellow painters’ pants from the 80’s, I’m kind of digging these coral-y skinnies and actually took the plunge and brought home a pair from JCP last week. (BTW, thanks to a brilliant new ad campaign, that’s what we’re officially calling my favorite store now. Cooler, don’t you think?) Sadly, I can’t show the pants on this page because—big surprise here—they’re sold out.

Fear not: I have plenty more for you–at every price under the rainbow.

Emilio Pucci Legging Jeans; $450,

Burberry Brit Dusty Brights Power Stretch Skinny Jeans; $250

Rag & Bone Orange Skinny; $176,

Ava Ultra Skinny; $59,

Paris Blues Colored Skinny Jean; $30,

Tinseltown Skinny Jean; $29.99,

Vero Moda Super Stretch Skinny Jeans; $19.70;

I haven’t yet worn my JCP skinnies. (It’s been 41 degrees in my town, okay?) But I’m really curious to know how many of you in more normal climates have bought into this colorful trend for spring….

Thoughts? Comments? Complaints-about-orange-pants?

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