to the maxx

There are a number of reasons why I find myself swinging my car into the T.J. Maxx parking lot. Here are the most compelling:

  • I’m itching to see what’s landed on the Maxx shelves in the seven days since my last visit. (The chain is known for frequent shipments of new merchandise…which sometimes includes just a few new pieces of each item. This warrants frequent look-sees.)
  • I  feel like shopping.
  • The Maxxinista commercials remind me that it’s a great place to find low-cost designer goods.
  • I’m looking for an affordable gift and want to hit a store that covers all the bases, from home décor to clothing to jewelry.
  • I feel like shopping.

(Did I mention I feel like shopping?) If any of these reasons resonate with you, I urge you to swing into your local T.J. Maxx parking lot and check out the holiday goodies that are on the store shelves this week.

Ralph Lauren salad plate; $6.99

Kate Spade dinner plate; $19.99

Yet another Kate Spade dinner plate (second course, anyone?); $19.99

Gilty treasures: brandy snifters; $$6.99 each

Don't-go-Baroque photo frame; $6.99

Fiona Lang sequined purse: $19.99

Kate Spade leather wallets (which may be empty, if you've already bought a full set of her dinner plates: $79.99.

Ornate-rhinestone-cuff-that-I-want-really-really-badly; $39.99

Paper to wrap all of these goodies up; 2.99 a roll.

Did I mention I feel like shopping?

Hope you do, too…..!

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