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I’ve never been one of those people who use the word “craft” as a verb. As in: “We’re doing some crafting this afternoon.” Or as a noun to describe a person. As in: “I am a crafter.”

To me, the word craft always conjures up those first-grade projects in which we were directed to glue various pantry staples—usually dried legumes and pasta wheels—onto some sort of base; which were then gleefully presented to parents on various holidays; and then gleefully displayed for a while; and then gleefully (and surreptitiously) dumped into an outside garbage can.

Recently, I’ve softened my stance (though I draw the line at anything that involves an empty egg carton).  On an occasional basis, I make:

  • Lobby displays for my kids’ theater activities. This frequently involves die cuts, glue, props, and, unfortunately, glitter.
  • Homemade invitations.
  • Scrapbooks. (Let me clarify: for special occasions only—like a 40th birthday or graduation.)
  • Centerpieces.

A couple of lobby displays in progress:

In some ways, my home office has morphed into a part-time craft room. I have a wrapping “center;” a place for my Cricut cartridges (if you don’t know what those are, it’s best not to find out); and a closet full of paper and envelope bins.

What’s more, I’ve become envious of those over-the-top model homes that actually have a dedicated craft room (with architecturally-designed gift-wrapping center, sewing station, and art-supply drawers) built into the plans.

I no longer make fun of Candy Spelling, either. (She had a Wrapping Room. Not a center. Not a station. A room. She now lives in a 16,000-square-foot condo. Not sure where she wraps presents in the new digs.)

Because of all this, I sort of fell in love with Martha Stewart’s Craft Collection for Home Decorators (my very favorite low-cost furniture source). They offer an entire line of affordable pieces designed specifically for craft-happy neatniks who want to store their goods in the most organized way possible.

A few of my favorite pieces to mix and match :

Gift-Wrap Hutch (top), $169; Eight-Drawer Flat-File Cabinet (bottom), $399.

Space Paper Organizer; $59.99

My sewing is limited to buttons and an occasional pathetic hem, but I'm dying for this Spool and Bobbin Storage; $69

Storage Hutch (with blackboard!); $279

Corner Table; $399

Everything is available in three colors (all of which sound perfectly Martha): Picket Fence; Sharkey Grey; and Rhododendron.

So let’s turn the (craft) tables over to you.

a) Do you “craft?”

b) Do you consider yourself a “crafter?”

c) Are you crafty?

d) Will you, at the very least, cop to dabbling in crafts?

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  • Nancy Mattia

    Good finds! These pieces are so beautiful that they make me want to become a crafter. Tempting!

    April 9, 2012 at 3:15 pm